Two generations of


MTR history

Manifattura Tessile Risaliti is active in Prato’s Textile industry since two generation: founded from mr. Virgilio Risaliti that still is cooperating, is now managed from is son Giuseppe.The actual sede is ubicate in Provinciale Montalese street, that along the feet of ancient Galcieti Vulcan , is connecting Prato city of the Montemurlo industrial district. Since from origin, the will has had as refering standard, the noble fibers and very high quality fabrics; choise dictated from passion intelligence, totally dedicated to ler emerges from the produced fabrics, the maximum perception and potentiality of raw materials that compose them.

Originally the products were soon destined to the high-end market with the production of Pure Classic Cashmere and Blended Cashmere for the Japanese market. Later on, answering to the new request of all markets develloped time by time from the company commercial network, production was differentiated, mainteining the main concept of high- level quality, but offering  new sensation through novel solution and fabrics, continuing using first quality fibres wich are, of course, naturally wonderfull. For this purpose the introduction and promotion is world market of baby suri alpaca. Ii has had a relevant impact in mtr history, becoming the "Queen" fibre important as the original starting fibre: the "King" cashmere.


The philosophy of Manifattura Tessile Risaliti has always been to concentrate its technical and financial resources.

Love for fabrics is the engine that move our actions.

MTR Evolution

After many years our customers has become most selected and today Manifattura Tessile Risaliti is proud to work with the best designers in the world. This experience paired with a love for fabrics which has accompanied us from the beginning, will also be the force to go forwards in our own way. Giving new solutions of quality to the final consumers of our fabrics.


Today we are strongly involved with regard to the matter of ecosostenability, determined to the elimination of hazardous substances from the production processes. We sincerely believe that in every field, our children and next generations, deserve a cleaner world where tradition should be a reference value recognized in order to be respected, preserved and "revolutionied", in production of fabric as well ad in the usage of garments.